4. Setup For Sale
A breakdown of the options you have to set up the sale parameters of your NFT Project.
With your NFTs uploaded and metadata now set, your project is now ready to setup for minting. Before we take this final step, there are some options for you to consider:


Note - Although it is technically possible to add royalties as long as the policy isn't locked, we recommend applying royalties BEFORE minting ANY NFTs.
Royalties are a great way to create extra revenue for you project by earning a fixed percentage of secondary-market trades that occur on participating marketplaces. Royalties are applied to a specific Policy ID/Wallet Address Pair and apply to all NFTs minted under that policy.


Prices are pretty self explanatory - how much you decide to charge for your NFTs is up to you!
Prices are specified via exact quantity/price pairs, which gives you complete freedom to control how much users should pay as they purchase more NFTs.

Fiat Payments

Fiat Payments allow your customers to purchase your NFTs in FIAT using their debit/credit card - just like any other purchase!
This has huge benefits and is a great next step in making NFTs accessible to everyone as it reduces the barrier to entry quite significantly.
It is worth noting that some of our features become unavailable if you activate this as we are no longer working with Cardano Wallets, thus we would highly recommend reviewing this guide first.

Sale Conditions

Sale Conditions allow you to limit the potential pool of wallets that are able to mint NFTs from your project. This is a powerful feature that can be used to provide benefits to specific community members that you determine. Common examples are Whitelists or allowing holders of specific NFT collections to mint your project.