3. Managing your NFTs
An overview of all actions you can take regarding uploading and managing your NFTs
Now that you have created your NFT Project, you can begin the process of processing and managing your entire workflow.
Our web app has amazing features that allow you to upload your NFT files and set up your metadata so they're ready to be minted.
To begin, locate the "Manage NFT" button on your NFT Projects Dashboard.
Manage NFT Button

Creating Projects

As you are creating your project, your focus will need to be on the following elements:

Uploading Media Files

One of the most important stages of creating your project is to upload your media files, this could be your images, videos, music or all of them!

Viewing & Editing

Once uploaded, you can use the console to view, edit and simulate what the NFT(s) will look like once minted. You can view the media and the associated metadata.

Tidy Up Actions

Even the best of us can make mistakes, see here about potential options for solving them:

Deleting Files

Note - this only helps if the NFT(s) have NOT yet been minted.
if you have uploaded too many or the wrong media files then you can delete them from the console and they will then be removed from the pool of pre-NFTs.

Burning NFTs

Note - this only applies if the NFT(s) have already been minted.
Ideally, you want to do everything in your power to make sure the project is correct before minting.
Although this is not ideal, if there are parts of your NFT collection you need to edit, it is possible to do some changes using the burning mechanic, use this guide for details.