FAQ - General
We collect all of the most commonly asked questions by our community and compile the answers here

NFT-MAKER PRO what it is, what it isn’t

Let’s start with what it isn’t.
  • NFT-MAKER PRO is not a marketplace that potential buyers can use to purchase their NFTs.
  • It's not a service intended for someone with no technical experience to use to mint their NFTs.
  • It's not a service for minting NFTs on any other blockchain other than Cardano.
NFT-MAKER PRO is a toolset consisting of a:
This functionality enables you to create, manage, and sell NFTs at scale on the Cardano blockchain. It has been built to serve empower projects of all sizes, with a smooth sales and distribution process.

Do I need a Cardano Node?

No, NFT-MAKER has all of the infrastructure needed to mint NFTs for you.

What technical skills are required by a developer?

At a minimum, the developer should be competent in working with JSON formatted data (for the metadata) as well as having minimal web design skills.

Do I need a website?

It is not strictly necessary, as we do have the pay-in address functionality, however, the NFT market now expects projects to have a website, as well as providing a good minting experience such as using the Payment Gateway. To use the Payment Gateway, you need a website that you can copy and paste the code into.

Where can I find a developer for my NFT project?

You can find a developer in our official discord, in the looking-for-dev-channel.

What can I try without any costs?

Setting up your project for sale in NFT-MAKER PRO does not cost anything! You only pay fees when your NFTs are being minted.

Can I test it?

Yes - we have a full Testnet version of NFT-MAKER which has all of the functionality of the production version, other than it will mint to the Cardano Testnet. Feel free to use this as required to check things work how you expect.

How do you ensure that there's only one unique Token minted?

You can set the NFT maximum supply to 1 when creating the project. Instructions for this process can be found in Project Information. This is also the default setting.

When are the fees to be deducted and how much are they?

You will not be charged anything on NFT-MAKER PRO until you have NFTs that are on a live sale and are being minted. The prices can be found here: https://www.nft-maker.io/pro#pricing
Here is an example of how fees are calculated; In price tier D:
2 ADA is the fee for the NFT-MAKER PRO Platform
2 ADA are sent with the minted NFT to the buyers' wallet (sending a minimum of 2 ADA with each transaction is a requirement from Cardano).
~0.2 ADA is the transaction fee of the Cardano Blockchain.
So in total, it is calculable that you should expect a fee of 4.20 ADA if you are minting in Tier D.
If you choose to manually mint and send, you have to consider the following:
2 ADA is the fee for the NFT-MAKER PRO Platform
2 ADA MinUTXO which will be sent with the NFT and
2 ADA that will be sent back to the internal wallet.
The transaction fees are 0.5 ADA.
You will therefore require up 6.5 ADA in your wallet for manually minting and sending one NFT, but you will receive 2 ADA back.
The price tier will be automatically adjusted depending on the amount of NFTs minted per month.

Why can't I accept ADA from an exchange to send my NFT?

Simply because exchange wallets cannot support NFTs. You must insist that your buyers send ADA from a Cardano Shelley era wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi or Nami.
It is best practice to notify buyers as a reminder prior to purchasing an NFT from your website.

Why do the sales funds go into an internal wallet?

We provide the internal wallet, as well as the pay-in-wallet to ensure a safer and smoother collection of your sales revenue. This is necessary for the automatic mint and send process (pay-in-wallet). No funds will stay in the pay-in-wallet.
You can deposit funds and payout from your internal wallet in the upper right corner of the page.

What is the Policy Script?

The policy script is like a guarantee for the platform that the creator is not going to edit metadata, add royalty, mint new tokens or burn any token once the policy is locked. If you create a project you want the policy locked when you expect your project is finished and ready for launch (minting).

How do your Royalties work?

Royalties for CNFTs have been implemented through the consensus of committed marketplaces in the Cardano ecosystem. Our royalties work to this community standard that is mutually recognised as outlined in CIP-0027. Full information on this topic can be found here.

Is there a tutorial video?

We have a full 'Developer Diaries' Series that shows the full end-to-end process starting from absolutely ZERO art or code and finishing with a fully created 10,000 NFT project. Episode 1 is listed below:
Developer Diaries Episode 1
Note - since releasing this we have made significant improvements in the ease of setup. Mainly through the release of the SFTP Upload and Payment Gateway (removing the need for API skills).

What are Mint Coupons?

Mint credits are what you can use to manually mint NFTs yourself, either through the UI or API. To purchase mint credits, follow this guide.

Do I need a separate IPFS account for my NFTs?

No, all files that you upload to NFT-MAKER PRO will automatically be uploaded & pinned to IPFS. NFT-MAKER handles all of the file storage for you, so that you can focus on your project.

How can I get more room to work on the website?

You can hide the main menu on the left side of the page by toggling the button next to the page title.

Why does the "Remember Me" button not work correctly?

We are still working on having a better way to stay logged into the web app.

What happens to unsold NFTs

The first thing to note, is that until the PolicyID closes, it is still possible to sell the NFTs within the same collection.
Once the PolicyID does close, any unsold (not minted) NFTs are simply just files on the NFT-MAKER servers and IPFS nodes.

Can I create more than one email/login for my account?

No, currently each NFT-MAKER PRO account is associated with a single email address which is the only way to access the web app.

What is the easiest way to create and launch an NFT Project?

The easiest way for non-developers to use NFT-MAKER PRO is via the Web App.
From creating a project, setting up the metadata to adding royalties and managing your NFTs for sales, everything you need is available there.
Following the Step by Step Workflow shows the simplest route to a live project.

When do I use a video like an MP4 over a GIF for my NFT?

The main difference would be if the clip you are using includes sound for the duration of the whole video. If that is the case, then it is logical to use MP4 over GIF. It is also important to consider the quality, frame-rate and media length requirements.

Why is there a . instead of , for numbers on the web app?

It is simply a matter of formatting currency. Germany is where NFT-MAKER was created and it is where a "," is used to separate numbers whereas a "." is used in the United States and other countries. You can view a more detailed explanation, including a list of which countries use either from this reputable source.

What does hovering and clicking on the pie charts do?

You will notice that when you hover over a pie chart (such as in your Dashboard) you will be shown the value of that segment. When you click it, you have selected it.

What is the UST-ID and what is it used for?

The Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer (UST-ID) is the VAT Number of a business in Germany and is used to identify entities for tax purposes.

What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us via the chat on the lower right-hand side of the page or via an email at [email protected].
You can also engage with the community and ask questions in our official Discord Server where you will discover very helpful NFT-MAKER users.