Helpful Links and Tools
A list of websites and applications used to build, view, sell and manage your NFTs and NFT Projects is "Cardano in real time." THE web tool for;

  • List of Tokens
  • Checking a policy
  • Checking a wallet
  • Checking an asset

Cardano Resources

Cardanoscan: A Cardano Blockchain Explorer
Cardano Documentation: The official resource for documentation on Cardano ecosystem
Cardano Improvement Proposals: A repository to facilitate browsing and information sharing for non-Github users
Cardano Token Registry: provides a means to register off-chain token metadata to map to on-chain identifiers
Nami integration documentation: Github for Nami Wallet

CNFT Resources A hub that actively collects information on all things Cardano (NFTs, Social media updates, Pools etc) and summarises these updates in one place
CNFT Analytics: A resource for discovering how CNFT's are performing on the secondary markets. An event calendar for the CNFT industry, covering events and NFT releases
IPFS: A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to preserve and grow humanity's knowledge Learn, share or just geek out about NFT projects in the Cardano space
OpenCNFT: Provides data on trends of Cardano NFT projects in an automated way
WenCNFT: Help you to keep up-tot-date on CNFT projects drops with dates and times

Cardano Reddit: The Cardano community on Reddit

In addition to these official Subreddits;
  • Cardano Stake Pools: A community operated sub focused on stake pool operation.
  • Cardano Developers: Dedicated to everyone building on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Cardano ELI5: Designed to compile common Cardano-related questions alongside clear, concise, well-sourced, and friendly ELI5-style answers from community members.
  • Cardano NFTs: Dedicated to CNFTs

This list is actively being updated at the start of every month so come back to keep informed!