Partnership Announcement: GeroWallet
NFT-MAKER & GeroWallet partner up to advance the User Experience of buying NFTs on Cardano
Berlin, January 6, 2022:
We are most excited to announce that we will soon initiate GeroWallet integration into the NFT-MAKER Payment Gateway & Marketplace to provide the ultimate setup and user experience for NFT creators, and collectors alike.
GeroWallet is Cardano’s first all-in-one decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet application and is designed to be the ultimate gateway to the best that crypto technology has to offer, on the Cardano blockchain.
This key piece of infrastructure will allow the community to harness the powerful features of the GeroWallet, and likewise for GeroWallet holders to experience effortless accessibility to the NFT-MAKER platform.
There are so few crypto startups that have a very close working relationship with their respective layer zero blockchain as GeroWallet does with Cardano. What drives the design of GeroWallet is innovation, and the latest iteration boasts a multitude of creative features that seamlessly interconnect with the underlying blockchain. This echoes our own vision of continuous invention and community-centric design. It is therefore a great honour to partner with GeroWallet so we can together provide the Cardano community with the best NFT experiences possible.
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