Bluenumber and NFT-MAKER help creators of community impacts
Developing a fundamental new use case for NFTs that support change-makers and impact creators.
Berlin, November 25, 2021:
NFT-MAKER, the world’s leading NFT brand today announced a lighthouse partnership with Bluenumber® to develop a fundamental new use case for NFTs that support change-makers and impact creators to fund their projects and activities. ‘NFSTs’ (the ‘S’ stands for ‘sustainability’) are digital assets for sale by local leaders, farmers, business owners and others making direct positive impacts in their own communities. These dedicated digital assets are certificates containing self-declared objectives the project owners commit to achieve. Buyers of an NFST will own part of the achievements as a digital asset showing their contribution to the social or environmental impact.
The first of many drops features Christa Barfield, an organic urban farmer serving the community in Elkin Park, Philadelphia, USA. On 25 November 2021 on Thanksgiving Day people all over the world will be able to buy Christa’s Beetchips to fund her reconstruction of a greenhouse, buy seedlings, hire staff and pay for utilities throughout the winter. This first lighthouse project shows how direct funding and targeted donations can work in the future, without any middlemen or organizations in-between that take a percentage of funds the project raises. All money goes to Christa so she can deliver impacts on the ground.
Beetchip owners can track the project impact on a dedicated website, see updates directly from Christa and community members who benefit from the existence and outputs of this greenhouse. Beetchips are Bluechips© which means it is a NFSTs where the issuer and all places involved in a sustainability initiative are uniquely identified, and also the beneficiaries and stakeholders directly verify the impact of that initiative on the blockchain.
”Our partnership with Bluenumber® will accelerate a completely new use case for NFTs,” said Patrick Tobler, CEO and Founder of NFT-MAKER. “By skipping a mediator or organization, people can fund specific projects directly and ensure that their donation will be spent where it’s mostly needed. We want to build a sustainable world based on crypto and blockchain – NFTs are the tools to unlock this future and eventually make this possible.”
Dr Puvan J Selvanathan, Founder of Bluenumber and creator of NFSTs said: “We are happy to launch this concept using NFT-MAKER because we strongly believe in the philosophy and values behind Cardano as a sustainable proof-of-stake blockchain”.
Christa’s NFST drop will feature 150 “Beetchips” for 55 ADA each, all of them being minted via NFT-MAKER PRO. The project impact will be measured and verified by people Christa hires, visitors to the greenhouse, and CSA members fed by its produce. Make sure to follow our Twitter for additional information.
‘NFST’ and ‘Bluechip’ are copyright to Puvan J Selvanathan and Bluenumber® is a USTPO registered trademark.
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